Panty Ride Protesting Bedford Bike Lane Removal

On a serious note, ladies and gents, we need your brains. Now generally, we got our cameras on the dicks, but after the recent removal of an important and widely used bike lane in Brooklyn a panty ride is scheduled tomorrow in protest. Candy Rain, your favorite source for life, is sponsoring the event, and, we need some stats. We’re looking for some specific information to combat the claim that cyclists endanger the children in that area (though many speculate the removals motives… and I don’t even know where to begin on that shit)

For more information on the ride check read the blog below, or this article (or you can just google this shit, it’s spread all over the walls)…

When was the bike lane removal approved?
How many children were injured by cyclists in that area in the past year?
Are any other bike lanes being removed for the same reason?
Are there any new bike lanes proposed?

How many cyclists in that area were hit on non-bike laned roads?
How many cyclists were hit in that area, in general?

Were there any prior complains about the bike lane? If so, what were the complaints?

Were there any complaints made by cyclists about harrasment from community members in that area?

Also, on a general note, in New York City:

Groups assembling must be kept to 50 people. If more than one group assembles, how far apart do they need to be?

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