Ready, Set, XXX-MAS/Coitukah/Kamazaa!!!!

Well, here it is – ’tis the season once again. The air is a chilly like a lady with no willy and there are lists and plans aplenty to be made. Here’s what I’ve got goin’ on so far:

1.) Slip an especially dirrrty remix of ‘Santa Baby’ into the looping snoozfestival that is the office ‘Holiday Soundtrack’. (Priority #1!)
2.) Plan a Pornament Party with the gals; inspired by this lovely ‘piece’ of work on etsy by madame Silletto . And hey, who needs to roast chestnuts when you can cast, mold, and hang them in ribboned glory about the house for your inlaws? EnvironMolds has a great how-to articles and shopping links. Seeing as how there is a definite lack of dick menorahs on the market – me ‘n the ladies may have to make our own.
3.) Cook up some Sugar and Spice for my boys on lists ‘Naughty’ and ‘Nice’. For the trolls of old, perhaps The Ultimate Guide to Cunnilingus by Violet Blue would make an excellent Kwanzaa Zawadi. Or better yet, for the rrreally old ex, perhaps this man girdle is order. But for Mister(s) Nice, Tim Butler at has put together a titillatingly tantalizing list of Christmas Sex Positions; the elfin frolicking with helium sounds like an especially uproarious time.
4.) Gear up for the Candy Rain Magazine New Year’s party!! Details to come soon!

The count down has begun, Ladies!

Til Next Time – Rubbin’ Out
xxLyla DurdeNxx

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