The Notorious P.I.G.

What a slut.

If anyone were to ever compile a list of the greatest looks in history, Porky Pigging would have to be somewhere around the “gold jewelry” and “cute shoes” level of excellence. For anyone who refuses to acknowledge pop culture or is just straight up ig’nant, Porky Pigging is when one dresses soley above the waist, much like the beloved, stuttering cartoon character of your youth. This look works especially well if you happen to be wearing more than one layer up top, like a long sleeve/sweater deal, or my personal favorite, the turtleneck/scarf combo. Killer. Anyways, imagine my absolute delight when I discovered that this awesome look isn’t just for the house anymore!
Embedded video from CNN Video
The best part about it is the guy in Dunkin Donuts they pick to interview. Seriously, he’s like a walking Jeff Foxworthy joke, but you know, funny. I love how he develops this theory about how the pigger is actually some drunk redneck from the Daytona 500 who stole a Corvette. Pft, like he decided it was good idea to get some coffee to sober up or something. Actually, scratch that, I’d probably do the same thing.
However, I also found it hilarious that homeboy also blatantly admits our pigtagonist’s bravery, saying “I usually wait till I get back to the house to do that sort of thing.” Well guess what buddy, some people refuse to be pigeon holed like that. So this leads me to ask, is the world ready to see the Pig as the next big fashion trend? Who knows. But I do know that all it takes is one person, one brave soul, to make the jump off, to start the Porky Revolution.
Yep, that’s all folks.

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