Im going to tie you up and take pictures of you.

“So you want to get tied up and fucked?”

“Mmm, I’m not sure.”

“Would pictures of my dick help?”
“More CBT pics?”

I met Stu in D.C. at a rope bondage class event. He was tied up and suspended in the air by a gay Top, and looked really relaxed. “Hey, do you like CBT [cock and ball torture]?” he asked me. “Yeah, I do,” I replied. So, I tied up his cock and balls with some parachute cord into a pair of chastity panties. His dick was turning blue, and then he had to pee, so we undid one piece of the cord, and redid it when he got back. As it turns out, Stu is super into ball stretching, tease, and pussy torment. One week later, I was back in D.C. crashing at his house and agreeing to let him tie me up for demonstrative purposes (at least at the club). I got to experience my first rope suspension, and was lucky to have it done by a nice Jewish guy with a really nice dick.

“I’m nauseous–I have to come down”, I told Stu. After he untied me, I found out that he’d been wearing a stainless steel ball stretcher all night. Hot. I was turned on, and got to experience that nice Jewish dick for the rest of the night. Stu isn’t a fuck and roll kind of guy. He doesn’t like to cum as much as he likes to be teased–and denied orgasm. Perfect. The next night he shaved my pussy, tied me up, and fucked me (another rope bondage first for me). With those decorative dick pics that he gave up to the cause, who could argue with his favorite position? Feet tied sole to sole, and then tied to the wrists, with legs above the head. He wanted to fuck me with his balls. I said, “Maybe the next time we get together.” I was already in sensory overload, and was not going to get over it for quite a while.

Words and Photographs by Domina Doom- Professional Dominatrix
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March 9, 2009. all tied up, balls-in-one, bondage, cock ring. Leave a comment.