Monotonix in Richmond Va

HOLY SHIT I LOVE ROCK GODS. Its not everyday a power trio of real fucking rock comes at you from Israel. Monotonix Israeli finest played a ball busting show at Plaza Bowl in Richmond Virginia tonight. I haven’t been rocked this hard in ages. The boys of Monotonix were glad to hear that they were voted “Rock Band Most Likely to have a gang bang with” also known as RBMLTHAGBW by our adoring Ligerbeat Fans. Here are some hot pics I took for you ladies. Cowboys saddle up I’m trying to sit on your face and ride that mustache like its a wild bull.

Pose for the camera baby. You know this one is my favorite

Can I see a shot of a real man

He knows what the ladies like

I love weed too dudes.

Did I mention these guys are Gods

Ligerbeat girls know how to party

best night ever

October 15, 2009. masonroselee, monotonix, rock bands i want to fuck. Leave a comment.