Ligerbeat the show on HBO…

HBO should probably call us in to consult on their new currently untitled series. It is based on a feminist icon who starts a sexually explicit magazine for women. Originally it was going to be about a young feminist but they decided to change it to more of a feminist icon character and bring Diane Keaton in to star! I totally can’t wait. But seriously, I wonder where they got that idea… I am flattered that I am being played by Diane Keaton and that they think I will become a feminist icon, Making baby Steinem steps. So HBO holla at us, we’ll tell you what its really like being a feminist in a forest so thick with dick trunk you can’t even see the lilith fair grounds. Read more about the show here.
With this and Hung it may be the end of the boob tube and the beginning of the dong tube era.

Calisha Jenkins

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Soulja Boy Tell Em.

Via the always hilarious Awkward Boners.

Apparently he posted this on his twitter and quickly took it down. He may suck balls at rapping, but at least the boy is hung. I’m sure there are fifteen year old girls worldwide with their panties in a bunch over this flick. Nonetheless, I’m still going to take a big passer on this one. Can’t get past that mug. Or the proliferation of the word “swag”–don’t even get me fucking started. Swag is for OG’s only. When I think swag, I think of a young Paul Newman, or, if it must be applied to the rap genre, someone like Ghostface or Rakim–not johnny-come-lately-ass-motherfuckers like this asshat. In order to have swag, one must have gravity, and this kid is a featherweight. BUT I DIGRESS.

And yo, can we talk about what’s going on with his facial expression? Is he trying to make his face look skinny so his dick looks bigger? Or what?

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make like a vaginal traffic light. pink means go.

interview with our favorite cunt smasher!
and in case you forgot how great the video was….

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dick fail

uh i mean dick win!!

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dick fail

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Morrissey Nude, Still Depressed

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dusty anal beads

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something we all need to look into

Psychic and Sensual Breastreading, pointing to the future

Reply to:
Date: 2009-07-27, 9:14PM

I’ll readily admit to being not much of a mindreader, nor can I interpret palms, fathom the Tarots, or make sense out of tea leaves left in a cup. However, I can informatively “read” a woman’s breasts. And — by delving into this significant territory — I am able to reveal matters of relevance regarding Romance, Happiness, and Success. 

It’s natural to be skeptical about this, and if it sounds like magic to you, it feels that way to me too. Yet it’s an authentic and definitely at the same time enjoyable experience. 

I discovered this “talent” purely by sheer luck, a number of years ago, when it suddenly occurred to me to declare to an appropriately unclad companion, “Did you know I can read your breasts?” She replied, “You can? — Ok, go ahead.” So I did, and thereby began to gain familiarity regarding these under-explored source areas often swelling with potential for insight. 

These pointers of Happiness, Romance, etc. indicate what may lay ahead. For example, you may wonder if a current boyfriend is worth the effort or the angst. Or, you might be restless at work and thinking of a career change. 

A reading is not merely visual. In fact, when you put yourself in my hands, I will use a variety of ways of touching to provide helpful feedback. The reading is both free and fun! An accurate and (quite) satisfactory reading may take 90 minutes or so, although a briefer one can be effective. 

Just look over these authentic, actual testimonials from satisfied recipients: 

— “Wonderful attention and touch.” 
— “That was extraordinary!” 
— “A very relaxing, sensual time.” 
— “I had a very enjoyable time on many levels. It was really lovely.” 

  • Location: and it actually works!
  • it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

Original URL:

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dick chicken is gettin up!

i’m finding this poultry/penis combo all over nyc!

oh and i heard there is some sort of vaginia/ham now in the streets? i have yet to see her.

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new old nasty boy

watch at least till the middle to hear her freak out. and check out the d’s flying all over the place!

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