Sex Calculator!

I have spent so much of my life having sex that now everything else is a game of catch up. I would love to use this Sex Calculator and find out what my sex degrees of separation is but after fucking around so much I seriously don’t have time to even begin to figure out how old each one of the dudes I fucked was when we did the dead. Shit, I don’t even have the time to figure out how many people I have had sex with period. Also, I attempted to start (using a very loose ballpark fuck figure) and for the first partner they didn’t even have my age bracket, the thing starts at 16. Whats that shit, no one fucks before 16? If you know how many people you’ve had sex with and know how old they all were then please calculate and let me know what the results are like. I would need the world’s largest abacus (shown above from

September 24, 2009. abacus, calculator, celebrity sex tapes. 1 comment.

Disappointing Sex Tape

5 seconds of McSteamy from Grey’s Anatomy’s dick? You can do better than that McSteamy!!

August 18, 2009. celebrity sex tapes, dicks on television, yawn. Leave a comment.