The first EVER Ligerbeat Coverdude Contest was a success!!

Thanks to all the hot dudes who entered, and all the beaters who showed up to represent!!! If you weren’t there… sucks to be you!!!

We started with 11 bangable dudes, lined up and ready to go

Each were asked to perform various feets of strenght, AIRPLANE!!!

It wouldn’t be a contest without squirtguns and underwear!

After shots and stunts and dicks, we were down to 2 hot dudes

And the winner is…………………….

Ligerbeats First Ever Coverdude Contest Winner

For more pictures, check out Todd Sealy

Or Time Out New York

If you missed Ligerbeat’s Coverdude Contest, be sure to stay tuned for our upcoming Brooklyn rendition….Ligerbeat Coverdude Contest, new borough, new dudes, new mayhem….

Thanks again to TOYS IN BABELAND, NO CONDOM NO WAY, GOOD WOOD, FALSE ARISTOCRACY in conjunction with the Ether Party, the sexy MLLE LENA, DJ KRAMES (who threw himself into the mix for us), KID STATIC and the hot staff at HAPPY ENDINGS!! Thanks for making history with us!!

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Z Rock!!! I Want To Fuck You!!!

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