Liger attacks Tommy Wiseau at first midnight NYC screening of The Room

So much for playing hard to get.

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Can you guess who these two people are?!

Vampire Wiseau and my very own west coast personality, Tila Tofeelher last weekend. That kiss was supposed to be mine and now its on. That must be why you have such a look of horror on your face during his cold embrace of affection and sexy ripply flesh.

Let’s just see what a good time he has if he shows March 20th for the NYC The Room midnight festival.. I will play hard to get and then try my classic move of having SEXUAL TURRETS all up on him. Always works amazingly. But either way, now I am STOKED about having Tommy do a vampire porn for Liger Inc films!

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ligerbeat is the candy land for tasty dicks

random text messages that say “i just got done jacking off two dudes” are starting to become quite normal.

Being on the ligerbeat staff is close to the most amazing feeling in the world.

To be surrounded by d loving strong crazy women is a dream come true. We work hard, We drink hard, We party hard and we bone hard. I feel like I’m on summer vacation and its the middle of winter.

My dear ligers we have big big big plans. We are taking over the porn world with humor and we are bringing you with us. This time next year liger will be a house hold name. Is your guy liger worthy???

I get to see dicks every day I work. Everyday. I just started on a comic strip and I can’t wait to see how its going to turn out. Watch out StanLee. Mason Rose Lee is taking over.


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Ladies from different burrows and different states get together to throw a groundbreaking dance down cock out fundraiser for the first print of Ligerbeat.
Are you a cockcrazy hound? Do you find yourself prowling for dick on a weekly if not daily basis? Ladies, we understand and we are more than proud to bring you the future of pornography.

Big dicks, Not so big dicks, white dicks, black dicks, yellow dicks,thick dicks, skinny dicks. We are erupting with dicks and planning our global takeover.
We are more than stoked to help a sister out. Dicks will never be the same.

Thank you everyone for coming out in support. We look forward to bringing you many more events and photos.
And if you are a dickworthy individual who has a dick worth print or a photographer who has an eye for an hard-on please feel free to contact us at


Mason Rose Lee
known pornographer
ads and talent
ligerbeat magazine</div

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