Two Guys, One D….. the threesome

To many it’s the ultimate fantasy, to some (like muah), it’s just one of those things that happened in the travels of life. I can’t really say that I ever thought I would end up in one, but… I did. It was probably about 4 years ago during one of those ‘transitional phases’ in life where your just wondering with the good times. I went to an art show in philadelphia lookin for free booze and, you know, a good time. Next thing I know I’m at the afterparty, then after the afterparty is the real after party. We were all in dude’s hotel room. Drinks and drinks later I was chasing one dude through the hotel in my underwear… ah, good times. We were actually looking for a pool, but there was running and half nakedness so, you get the point. Next thing I know I’m in the hotel room making out with the artist, oops, his friend was still there. His friend, being the obviously sly guy that he was put some porn on. I’m making out, grabbing around, getting naked, and his friend jumps in. He starts licking my pussy while I began sucking the other dudes dick. Let me tell you, a threesome sounds fun, but it’s actually a lot of work! You have to make sure no one gets board, so I’m flippin around, sticking my pussy in each’s face (after all, it’s a threesome, not a gang bang ladies). This goes on for a while till we get walked in on by a bunch of their other friends… so I had to choose my next adventure. I grabbed the friend, who obviously knew what he was doing, and took him into the bathroom. We fucked in the shower, and alas, the threesome turned into a onesome. When we went back into the room everyone was passed out. There were people on the floor, on the beds, and out I went. When I woke up in the morning I was digging around for my stuff… FUCK, the strap on my new platform shoes were broken! Them shit costs me fifty bones! But, a bone for a bone, and one fucking hobbly walk of shame… so, here’s a tribute to my favorite threesome;

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Candy Rain Theme Song!!!

What!!! Ok, so the other day I said I wasn’t super into the New Orleans bounce…. FUCK ME! THAT SHIT RUUUULES!!!!! It rules so hard, i think I threw my ass out last night jammin in the office… I love it so much it’s our new fucking theme song. Momma’s the one you like, I ride the dick like a bike… wanna fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck all night!!!!!!

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Gather round the family for candy rains holiday movie

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ing gunSo the werd on the candy dick road issss…

We are having momentary neurotic difficulties installing pre-linked video on to wordpress…but we can UPLOAD!!

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