Robocock, Roboload Pt. 2!

While doing my daily interweb perusing I came upon this video from the mind-blowingly awesome artist Micheal Sullivan. This video, which could proudly be called any artist’s magnum opus, is apparently too crass for the stuck up prudes at youtube. So it is now being hosted by Wired magazine, which is actually a much cooler read than I had expected. It’s kinda sad that youtube felt good art that depicted graphic robot sex would somehow sully their reputation. Surriously? One of your most watched videos of all time is Spongebob doing the Soulja Boy.
Ps: Jk, I love you youtube.

April 20, 2009. ahht, R2D2, robots, science fiction, youtube. Leave a comment.

All-ladies art show tonight!

Curated by the lovely INDIE…come through for the opening party and show some love for the ladies in the graf game. You know we’ll be there!

April 10, 2009. ahht, graffiti, indie, kweenz destroy, ladies who love the d, ligerbeat, nyc, parties. Leave a comment.