Clit’rature: Down by the River, Pt. 2

I want to grab it by the base and shove it in as deep as it will go, right away, but I don’t–I hold it down on your belly and start with my tongue, in that spot where dick becomes balls, right in the middle–I twirl around there for a second and then lick your shaft from the bottom to the top–I take it around the base and slap it onto my tongue a few times, then turn my head so my lips are wrapped sideways around the tip. Slowly I move my mouth so it covers the whole head, and then I lower my face onto you and start sucking–you groan and your head rolls back, you wrap both hands up in my hair–each time I take you in a little more, each time you hold my face down a little longer, your cock muffling the sounds coming out of my throat. We’re in synch now, I’m moving how you want me to, your fingers are still twisted up in my hair, lightly pushing and pulling, firm and steady. I sneak a peek at your face while I’m sucking but your eyes are closed, brows furrowed in concentration, you’re trying not to cum yet.

All of a sudden, you snap my head up off your cock. I think you’re gonna cum but you don’t. I wanna fuck you now, I tell you but at the same time you’re saying, sit on this dick right fucking now–so I get up and turn around so I’m kneeling backwards over you, poised to drop it but waiting, waiting. You push me forward a little so you can grab it and rub it up and down over my pussy a couple of times, making sure I’m still wet–I am, of course I am, every molecule in my body needs to fucking feel you inside of me right the fuck now–then you put the tip in position and place your hands on my hips, pulling me low down down low.

This is what I’ve been waiting for, this is what I’ve been thinking about, on the train, at my desk, at the grocery store, constantly, easing myself onto your cock, feeling myself stretch out around you, how it hurts so good, this right now right here–oh FUCK–we go two strokes and then I drop it hard and swallow you whole, slipping and swiveling around on your dick like it’s a joystick. It’s on now, reverse cowgirl in full motherfucking effizect, you lifting me up by your left palm, nestled between my ribs with authority, fingers gripping around the underside of my right breast–your other hand gripped into the fat flesh of my ass, strong into soft, pushing me back down over your cock on the downstroke. I’ve got one hand in the wet dirt to steady myself, the other arm’s trying to restrain my tits, which were bouncing so hard at first when I dropped down that they practically smacked me in the face.

I’m turning my head around, saltsweaty strands of hair stuck to the sweat on my face, I wanna see what you can see, I wanna watch you watching your dick disappear inside of me and come back out, shinywetslippery, pushing and pulling–the sweet sting surprise, first one smack, then another, each one harder than the last. You like to make me holler, you like the way your palm leaves its red imprint on my ass, you like to make me ask for more. Beg for it. Keep fucking pumping. Keep fucking talking. Keep fucking squeezing me. Please. I need it. You do, you keep doing it, you’re grunting, I think I hear you ask me if I fucking like it like that, I think I say yes, but everything is a blur so I can’t be sure. The ground starts shaking beneath us: train’s coming. You tell me to cum because you know I fucking come when I’m called like a good girl–you reach around and start rubbing my pussy, real fast, and say cum on my fucking cock right now, come on girl, come on, and I do, I cum so fucking hard I leave tiny little red nail marks on your arms where I was holding them that will last for weeks afterward.

To be continued…

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Clit’rature: Down by the River, Pt. 1

We meet in dark alleys. Back rooms of dive bars. Borrowed cars. Sleazy motels that rent by the hour. Parts of town they don’t even know about, where we won’t get caught. Whenever we can, it’s not often, so there’s always a pressing sense of urgency.

This time I lead you down by the train bridge on the river. Where we used to go do drugs in high school. We cross the tracks and stumble down the hill, you push me up against the trestles. The heat of your breath on the nape of my neck, hand wrapped sweetly around my jaw, moving up, your thumb touching my bottom lip by accident at first, then pulling it down so you can put your first two fingers inside my mouth–you pull them out and go up my skirt, grab a fat handful of the bottom of my ass, give it a good slap with the ill backspin bounce, then touch my clit with your thumb–light touch tease–but I jerk myself up and your hand, still wet with spit, slips down and you feel how fucking drenched I already am–you laugh, say shit girl, you get so goddamn wet–I say you always get me so fucking wet–and suddenly you slam three fingers in, without warning, but I’m plenty greased up so they go in easy–I gasp, there’s no air left in my lungs, just good pain, getting better with every thrust, the heat spreading over my chest, flushing up into my face, we sink into the dirty ground, I bite my lip, so fucking close and then the feeling stops–you put your fingers back in my mouth so I can taste myself and before I can get mad at you for halting so abruptly, you’re guiding my hand down with yours, in between my legs.

I tell you I want to taste you too–but you won’t let me yet, you’re still holding me down by my my hand on my cunt–I struggle against your chest, trying to push you off, trying to climb on top of you, until you finally let go and roll over into the wet ground, pulling me with you. So now I’m sitting on top, my wet pussy dripping onto the bulge in your jeans–I get super fucking excited when it’s my turn to please you. I’m trying to undo your belt buckle but my fingers are all wet with cum and I can’t get it open quick enough–you have to push my hands away and unbuckle yourself, and then you draw back and let me go to work. You know how much I love having this power over you and you fucking love it.

To be continued…

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Dicks In Our Box: I’m going to teach you a lesson

I am listening to Fugazi and trying to decide what underwear I should wear. Do I stay sexy and go black and sheer or do I wear something normal and cute. Do I want him to know that I am planning to have sex with him. I think I am thinking too much.

I decide on normal underwear and a fancy push up bra. The bra is uncomfortable I can’t wait too take it off. I arrive at his house. He is beautiful. I remind myself not to tell him he is beautiful.

I pull out a wine bottle opener and I start drinking directly from the bottle. He is trying to impress me. He is babbling on about music and politics. I want to fuck. He gets up and sits closer to me. He kisses me. Soft. He kisses me. Hard. Clothes off heels stay on. I want it badly. He notices. He teases me with his massive dick. He kisses me like he wishes he loved me. I kiss him back the same. I am sitting on his lap and his nails are digging at my back. He makes me beg for it. I would bark like a fucking dog for this guy and drink water out of a bowl if he asked me to. He fucks me from behind on the sofa. I can feel every inch of him inside of me. My body opens up to him like a flower to sunlight. We have amazing chemistry I can feel energy in him when we touch.

He makes me beg to get on top. He kisses my neck and says “I know you are holding back tell me what you want”. I tell him I want him to put his hand on my neck and pull my hair. I tell him I want him to fuck me like its the last time he will ever cum. I tell him to tell me how much he wants me and how Good I feel. I make him switch positions with me. He gets on all fours and I slap his ass with one hand while I jerk him off with the other. I use my own cum as his lubricant. He tries to hold back his moans. I kiss his back and bite his shoulders. He rolls his head and looks back at me. He looks so strong and confident. I lick his asshole and finger him until he cums. He tells me he’s never done this before. I tell him we can try anything that he likes we can both be student and teacher. We get dressed and drink a few pbrs and then I go home. It was a good night. He is interesting. Very young and at times immature but he has a sweetness in him that is very pure. My Infatuation for him has turned to admiration.

known pornographer

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Clit’rature: The Treatment.

Every time it works the same. I wait until I really really need it, and then I call you, hang up, and start breaking up a Dutch, keeping one eye on the window, waiting for you to come through. Of course there are others, but sometimes I need to fall back on a good solid no-nonsense fuck, and you’re always obliged to handle me. Today it’s snowing, but I have a feeling you’ll brave the storm to show, and sure enough, just as I’m waving my lighter over the freshly-rolled blunt, I see your figure, dressed all in black, cutting through the white of the snowy street beneath my window. I feel the butterflies start to go off as soon as I go down to let you in.

I open the door and you back me up into my room almost immediately, hands guiding my waist, get my clothes off and out of the way. I can tell that you’re angry I’ve stayed away for so long. You knead my tits in your hands and kiss me, feel yourself getting hard. Trace my lips with your thumb, then push it into my mouth, parting my lips just enough for you to slide the tip of your dick across my tongue, feel my mouth wrap around you and take you in. Stroke the hair out of my face, wrap your hand around the back of my neck, watch my head move over you, all the way up, all the way down, until you can’t take it any more and start begging me to stop so you can fuck me. I tease you some more and then gladly acquiesce.

You pin me down, spread one hand over my ribcage, wedged right up under my tits, and the other across the small of my back, right above my ass, because you know I like to throw it back but it’s been a while and right now you just want to hold me down and give it to me hard and slow and feel me take it. Ask me how bad I need it, how much I’ve been thinking about it, lean your body down over mine, put your ear next to my mouth so you can hear my answer which comes out in garbled lovespeak. Take your hand off my back and wrap it around my throat, ask me to say it again. Then again. Then again: you make me feel so fucking good. Watch my eyes fill all the way up with love and then shut, watch my skin flush hot and my mouth open and close around your fingers and the skin on the back of your hand at the same time my pussy is sputtering all over your cock.

Once the aftershocks have subsided, you flip me over and pin my legs up, your big hands gripping into the soft arches of my feet as you move over me. Push it in deep and hold it, look at me like I’m a question you don’t know the answer to. Let me reach up and pull your face down close to mine, slide my tongue and the tips of my teeth across your earlobes, feel my hand stroking your stomach, hear me tell you how bad I want you to pull out and bust all over my tits.

And then you can’t help but do just that, and I bite my lip and giggle, and you pull me into the tightest stickiest spoonhug, and I trace my fingers through the cum on my chest and feel you bury your face into the nape of my neck, catching your breath against me. I pull the blunt off the dresser and blaze it up, the lighter illuminating us for three seconds, and then we smoke and bullshit and make each other laugh until we fall asleep all twisted together. I dip in the morning for work, leaving you to see yourself out until the next time I decide I need to get treated.

Words and picture by Tits Magoo.

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