Yesterday’s Texts.

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I got this text yesterday afternoon.

“It sucks you have to go to work. thanks for being a great host! I will see you soon I’m sure. mwah!”

For some retarded reason, my phone doesn’t always show people’s names when they text me so I never know who’s hitting me up. It was an 804 number so I figured it was someone I knew. I texted back, “Who’s this.”

“Claire. You’re dumb. haha.”

Claire! Total bro from Richmond. Now I was confused as shit. Was she at my crib? “Dude this is Callie, what are you talking about? Are you in town?”

“Claire! not Callie.”

Me: “No, I’m Callie, you’re Claire.”

“haha like Crackie’s Callie? I am so confused.”

Me: “Yeap I think you originally texted the wrong person lady.”

“You are in my phone as this boy I banged last night. haha. I don’t know how you got there. hahahaha”

What an assperson! I hope she keeps me saved in her phone under “boy I banged last night”and then finds his real number somewhere.

March 14, 2009. calisha jenkins, richmond, textual seduction. 1 comment.