Ligerbeat Road Trip TAKE 2

I am currently sitting on the Chinatown bus. I have my coat on the seat next to me with my briefcase so It looks like someone else is already sitting here. I just started coughing to try to protect my seat from outsiders but the percentage of a seat alone is in the low percentile. I am going to Brooklyn on business. Not New York but Brooklyn. Brooklyn is a brothel of sin and pleasure. It is cheap beer, broken teeth, broken streets, a mash up of fashion and art. It is where I will call home for the new few days.

I am going all out for Ligerbeat this weekend. We are so close to print. Being a known pornographer has turned out to be the best job in the history of the world. The three things I want most in life are Good Sex, Power and last but certainly not least Dresses. Lots of dresses. Gold dresses, black dresses, short dresses. I want to be wrapped in a world of chiffon and lace while directing a double penetration scene.

Hello world welcome to the life of Mason Rose Lee. I wish this bus would move faster. I am so far away from my beloved Ligers. It was less than two years ago I started dicking down with the fine ladies of Ligerbeat. There is something nice about being able to sit down comfortably open a beer and talk about the love for some hard D. Delicious D.I.C.K.

Tonight the ladies will be in full effect. We are official dick recorders. And we are looking an yearning for you. I will be out looking for NERD D tonight. So put on your over sized glasses and throw on your star wars shirt boys. I am coming for you.

Known Pornorgapher
Dino Dickologist

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