Ligerbeat the show on HBO…

HBO should probably call us in to consult on their new currently untitled series. It is based on a feminist icon who starts a sexually explicit magazine for women. Originally it was going to be about a young feminist but they decided to change it to more of a feminist icon character and bring Diane Keaton in to star! I totally can’t wait. But seriously, I wonder where they got that idea… I am flattered that I am being played by Diane Keaton and that they think I will become a feminist icon, Making baby Steinem steps. So HBO holla at us, we’ll tell you what its really like being a feminist in a forest so thick with dick trunk you can’t even see the lilith fair grounds. Read more about the show here.
With this and Hung it may be the end of the boob tube and the beginning of the dong tube era.

Calisha Jenkins

July 31, 2009. diane keaton, feminist porn, HBO, tv. 1 comment.