vagina cleaning lessons from amy sedaris

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Craigslist poetry

Who is this person?! And why won’t he respond to my emails?!

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cock cock vs. dick chicken……


who do you think would win?

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Z Rock!!! I Want To Fuck You!!!

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said in bed

“I can’t believe nobody’s banged you yet!” he said.
Then, “I want to bang you but you’re just too tight!”

I was with a new guy who wasn’t well endowed. He screamed, “It’s up, it’s up, it’s up!!!”
I laughed and put my clothes back on…

In the middle of sex…
Boy: “What are you thinking? What’s on your mind?”
Girl: “The Quadratic Formula.”

lovin it!

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69_scott_speed, originally uploaded by ligerbeat.

Scott Speed, won’t you take your pants off please?

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The Cunt Smasher!

Susan posted this today on the bust blog

gotta keep my butt tight.
will someone please do a video like this for us. i beg of you.

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Zach Galifianakis Scares Himeself Into Sucking His Own Dick

Huge wide on for this dude from The Hangover. I haven’t seen it but clearly that needs to change. What if you were making out with him and had a friend jump out from behind the curtains, sort of like in the Late Night Special video (which I cant find now but its a lot like the one below except one dude comes creeping out from behind the curtains). Anywho it would be like that but more scary and less sexxxy. So your friend jumps out and gives him a little spook. Maybe his dick would just into his throat and you could s the d through his mouth. Lil game of french the tip. Just a thought.

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something you should probably own

scroll through the catalog on the website. i’ve never seen such glorious under garments in my life.

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OMG! WTF! Vaginia Power Call In Show coming in Aug. 2008?!

damn lace damn socks!
whats up with it dropping last year though?
she really gets going, its a 5 part jam.

Check this magic out too if you haven’t heard it yet, Cam’ron featuring Alexyss K. Tylor:

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