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Psychic and Sensual Breastreading, pointing to the future

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Date: 2009-07-27, 9:14PM

I’ll readily admit to being not much of a mindreader, nor can I interpret palms, fathom the Tarots, or make sense out of tea leaves left in a cup. However, I can informatively “read” a woman’s breasts. And — by delving into this significant territory — I am able to reveal matters of relevance regarding Romance, Happiness, and Success. 

It’s natural to be skeptical about this, and if it sounds like magic to you, it feels that way to me too. Yet it’s an authentic and definitely at the same time enjoyable experience. 

I discovered this “talent” purely by sheer luck, a number of years ago, when it suddenly occurred to me to declare to an appropriately unclad companion, “Did you know I can read your breasts?” She replied, “You can? — Ok, go ahead.” So I did, and thereby began to gain familiarity regarding these under-explored source areas often swelling with potential for insight. 

These pointers of Happiness, Romance, etc. indicate what may lay ahead. For example, you may wonder if a current boyfriend is worth the effort or the angst. Or, you might be restless at work and thinking of a career change. 

A reading is not merely visual. In fact, when you put yourself in my hands, I will use a variety of ways of touching to provide helpful feedback. The reading is both free and fun! An accurate and (quite) satisfactory reading may take 90 minutes or so, although a briefer one can be effective. 

Just look over these authentic, actual testimonials from satisfied recipients: 

— “Wonderful attention and touch.” 
— “That was extraordinary!” 
— “A very relaxing, sensual time.” 
— “I had a very enjoyable time on many levels. It was really lovely.” 

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