Accidental Strip Club Orgasm

So this weekend I packed my bags and took the bus from Virginia to NY. I got smoked the fuck out then took two sleeping pills and a seat on the Chinatown bus. I arrived in NY at 7am and I took a cab to my girl Drea’s house. Most of the day was a blur. There was lots of pot smoke, chilling with pitbulls in a tattoo shop, drinking coffee and starring at all the dudes I want to fuck while chilling in Brooklyn. I made sure that I met up with Christian at the Vice office and dropped some LigerBeat gold on some desks. Christian tells me “It’s amazing the amount of people you can fuck in this town”. I consider a move.

A few shots of whiskey and some pbr and I am on a train meeting up with the famous Calisha Jenkins. Calisha has an eye infection and is wearing an eye patch, I hit the floor laughing when I see her ass. That shit was so funny. Drea and I get dressed and head down to the Wednesday night dance party at Happy Endings. I love this party. I fucking love the boys from Ninja Sonik and any chance to see Jasmine is worth coming out. I was really confused at first why every dude looked like Spike Lee “Do the right thing” era but I guess that is the style. Drea and I work it out on the dance floor and rode home covered in sweat.

I rolled out the next day to go to Philly to chill with my sister. So I’m in my sisters spot watching Lord of the Rings talking shit about dudes when my sister goes. ” I think the bar down the street has male strip dancers tonight”. I quickly jump up and we speed walk there. I walk in the bar and I am changed. It was fucking crazy, beautiful black men everywhere. And the costumes were sick I tell you. The dicks on these dudes were out of this fucking world. The smallest dick had to be 10 inches. I thought this one dude had a cowboy costume on with a gun holster and then I realized it was his actual dick. My sister and I took the best seats we could find. Almost immedietly there was hot ass dudes all over us. This one guy Nitro came up to my sister and grabbed her hands and slid them in his pants. I couldn’t stop text messaging people I couldn’t believe my sister the lawyer was jack’n off some stripper. I actually saw one dude do a back flip and land on this woman. THE CROWD WENT WILD. I heard one woman say “If I was wearing a dress I know I would be fucking one of these dudes on the floor”. Then this guy came up to me and started rubbing on me. He lifted my legs up around his neck then he picked me up like a kid on their parents shoulder in a amusement park, then he simulated going down on me while he grinded to Prince. And all that for 2 bucks. It was heaven I could only handle one hour of it. It was just to amazing. I will end this with some wisdom from my sister.

” Who needs a boyfriend when you have male strip night every Thursday”.


July 12, 2009. blackdongscircus, ligerbeat, masonroselee, stripper.

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