The new Ligerbeat mascot

This is not really wang-related, but everyone fucking loves kittens, so I figured, what the hey. Beaters, meet your new mascot, Lil Wanda Loosie Ma, AKA LaWanda, AKA Loose Loose.

I got her about a week ago from the ASPCA up on 92nd, saw her in her cage and it was love at first sight. When we let her out, I crouched down to pet her and she crawled right into my lap. She had been at the shelter for four months, which is a really long time. Nobody wanted her because she’s missing an eye and has a bum heart. Which is fine by me because now she is mine all mine!

The vet (who, I might add, was grade A Ligerbeat material: young, educated, and heavily tattooed) said she got brought in from a feral colony with her eyeball literally hanging out of its socket. They think she must have been an escaped pet before she became a stray, because she is so amazingly sweet and loving. She is very encouraging of my lounging habits, and can usually be found giving me facenudges or anchoring me down to the couch by placing her fat ass directly in my lap. She is so fuzzy and nommy! I have lived with kitties before but never had my own. I’m so in love.

Sometimes I think she might miss the streets. But then she’ll creep up and give me little kitty kisses and I know she’s glad to be here.
She is a bad lil’ broad.

Correction: Let it be known that Lil Wanda Loosie Ma is the feline mascot of Ligerbeat. We can’t forget about our little puppy friend Radar who is and forever will be our trusty canine mascot! He travels with us and everything.

April 23, 2009. bad bitches, crackie treehorn, kittens, lil wanda loosie ma, things that aren't about penises.


  1. Anonymous replied:

    Yay for the new kitty, but where is this vet’s office again??? 🙂

  2. c. bridges replied:

    awww what a cutie… looks a lot like my baby Xena back home

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