Clit’rature: Down by the River, Pt. 2

I want to grab it by the base and shove it in as deep as it will go, right away, but I don’t–I hold it down on your belly and start with my tongue, in that spot where dick becomes balls, right in the middle–I twirl around there for a second and then lick your shaft from the bottom to the top–I take it around the base and slap it onto my tongue a few times, then turn my head so my lips are wrapped sideways around the tip. Slowly I move my mouth so it covers the whole head, and then I lower my face onto you and start sucking–you groan and your head rolls back, you wrap both hands up in my hair–each time I take you in a little more, each time you hold my face down a little longer, your cock muffling the sounds coming out of my throat. We’re in synch now, I’m moving how you want me to, your fingers are still twisted up in my hair, lightly pushing and pulling, firm and steady. I sneak a peek at your face while I’m sucking but your eyes are closed, brows furrowed in concentration, you’re trying not to cum yet.

All of a sudden, you snap my head up off your cock. I think you’re gonna cum but you don’t. I wanna fuck you now, I tell you but at the same time you’re saying, sit on this dick right fucking now–so I get up and turn around so I’m kneeling backwards over you, poised to drop it but waiting, waiting. You push me forward a little so you can grab it and rub it up and down over my pussy a couple of times, making sure I’m still wet–I am, of course I am, every molecule in my body needs to fucking feel you inside of me right the fuck now–then you put the tip in position and place your hands on my hips, pulling me low down down low.

This is what I’ve been waiting for, this is what I’ve been thinking about, on the train, at my desk, at the grocery store, constantly, easing myself onto your cock, feeling myself stretch out around you, how it hurts so good, this right now right here–oh FUCK–we go two strokes and then I drop it hard and swallow you whole, slipping and swiveling around on your dick like it’s a joystick. It’s on now, reverse cowgirl in full motherfucking effizect, you lifting me up by your left palm, nestled between my ribs with authority, fingers gripping around the underside of my right breast–your other hand gripped into the fat flesh of my ass, strong into soft, pushing me back down over your cock on the downstroke. I’ve got one hand in the wet dirt to steady myself, the other arm’s trying to restrain my tits, which were bouncing so hard at first when I dropped down that they practically smacked me in the face.

I’m turning my head around, saltsweaty strands of hair stuck to the sweat on my face, I wanna see what you can see, I wanna watch you watching your dick disappear inside of me and come back out, shinywetslippery, pushing and pulling–the sweet sting surprise, first one smack, then another, each one harder than the last. You like to make me holler, you like the way your palm leaves its red imprint on my ass, you like to make me ask for more. Beg for it. Keep fucking pumping. Keep fucking talking. Keep fucking squeezing me. Please. I need it. You do, you keep doing it, you’re grunting, I think I hear you ask me if I fucking like it like that, I think I say yes, but everything is a blur so I can’t be sure. The ground starts shaking beneath us: train’s coming. You tell me to cum because you know I fucking come when I’m called like a good girl–you reach around and start rubbing my pussy, real fast, and say cum on my fucking cock right now, come on girl, come on, and I do, I cum so fucking hard I leave tiny little red nail marks on your arms where I was holding them that will last for weeks afterward.

To be continued…

March 31, 2009. blowjobs, clit'rature, sex in public, tits magoo, trains.

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  1. Anonymous replied:

    that was so hot.

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