Can you guess who these two people are?!

Vampire Wiseau and my very own west coast personality, Tila Tofeelher last weekend. That kiss was supposed to be mine and now its on. That must be why you have such a look of horror on your face during his cold embrace of affection and sexy ripply flesh.

Let’s just see what a good time he has if he shows March 20th for the NYC The Room midnight festival.. I will play hard to get and then try my classic move of having SEXUAL TURRETS all up on him. Always works amazingly. But either way, now I am STOKED about having Tommy do a vampire porn for Liger Inc films!

March 4, 2009. celebrity crushes, fantasy dick, ligerbuzz, ny, tommy wiseau.


  1. Yung Ho replied:

    Oh no she did not! She did naaaaaaht! Oh, hi Jessica. I need to figure out a way to sneak into the theater when His Wiseauness comes to town. I need to see Abface in person!

  2. Anonymous replied:

    a wiseau sighting! omg omg omg.what a rare, beautiful bird.

  3. the dicktator replied:

    and little did i know there was a 6-page piece on The Room last December in Entertainment Weekly. guess he is not just ours anymore.its tearing apahrt we must share him with this wur-eld.

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