I love the Brits.

We here at LigerBeat have been discussing the wonder and beauty that is the dick shadow. Normally this consists of the shadow a dick itself will cast, making all the world know its here, and ready to fuck(ing) party. The above, however, proves why we as Americans sometimes feel a sense of inferiority to our neighbors across the pond. That, my friends, is a shot of the Westminster Bridge, I’d say probably around dusk. The design on the side for all intents and purposes looks like a bunch of repeating clubs, but we know what those dick-crazy brits were really thinking. I just love the fact that you could sit there, watch the sunset, all the while those things are just growing bigger and bigger and bigger…

January 30, 2009. Uncategorized.

One Comment

  1. ligerbeat replied:

    thats what dicks be doing sunset, it’s grow time!

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